Recipient of the 2011-2012 Teaching Excellence Award, Boston College

Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 2010) (Two Sections)
Fall 2019, University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Race, Gender, and the Law (PH 151)
Fall 2019, Worcester State University

 Philosophy of Law (PH 238)
Spring 2019, Worcester State University

Introduction to Ethics: Human Conduct and Values (PH 130)
Fall 2013, Worcester State University

 Philosophy of Law (PL 500, grad/undergrad/law) 
Fall 2013, Boston College (took over as primary instructor due to faculty illness November)

Philosophy of the Person 2: Justice, Autonomy, and Equality (PL 70)
Spring 2012, Boston College

 Philosophy of the Person 1: Justice, The Individual and The Community (PL70)
Fall 2011, Boston College