Publications and Selected Presentations


“Discriminatory Intent and Implicit Bias: Title VII Liability for Unwitting Discrimination,” Boston College Law Review (2017)

“A Defense of the Lifeworld: The Source of Normativity in a Democracy” Symposium on Hugh Baxter’s Habermas: A Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy in Philosophy and Social Criticism. (2013)


“‘Criminal’ as Oppressed Group,” North American Society for Social Philosophy International Conference, July 2019, San Francisco, CA.

“Himpathy and Intersectionality: Toward a Feminist Prison Abolitionism,” American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division Meeting, Society for Analytical Feminism Group Panel, April 2019, Vancouver, Canada.

Commentator on “What We Owe to Ourselves,” by Emmalon Davis, American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, January 2019, New York, NY.

 “The Role of Restorative Laws in Eliminating Oppression and Legitimizing Political Structures,” Society for Analytical Feminism Conference, University of Massachusetts at Lowell, September 2016.

“Beyond Legitimacy: Deliberative Democracy and Justice” at the North American Society for Social Philosophy’s Annual International Social Philosophy Conference, July 2014.

“Problem of Pluralism, Constructivism, and the Political Right to Justification.” Author-Meets- Critics Roundtable with Rainer Forst at the annual “Philosophy and Social Science” colloquium at the Institute of Philosophy at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, May 2014.

“The Role of Normative Principles in Non-Ideal Theory: A Critique of Amartya Sen’s Comparative Approach in The Idea of Justice.” At the Northern New England Philosophical Association Conference, October 2012.