Selected Publications

“What Does It Mean to Say ‘The Criminal Justice System is Racist’?” American Philosophical Quarterly.” Forthcoming October 2023.

“Is Crime Caused by Illness, Immorality, or Injustice? Theories of Punishment in the Twentieth and Early Twenty-First Centuries” In: Altman, M.C. (ed) The Palgrave Handbook on the Philosophy of Punishment (2023).

Book Review of Matthew C. Altman, A Theory of Legal Punishment: Deterrence, Retribution, and the Aims of the State. Law and Philosophy, 42, 205–210 (2023).

With José Jorge Mendoza. “The Undermining Mechanisms of ‘Rule of Law’ Objections: A Response to Song and Bloemraad” The Ethics of Migration Policy Dilemmas Project, Migration Policy Centre (MPC), European University Institute, 1-5 (2022).